NYC Kids Tours

NYC Kids Tours
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NYC Kids Tours Perfect for School Groups/Field Trips and Kids Birthday Parties!

NYC Kids Tours offers their Kids Learning Tour to the public every Saturday at 10am. But what if you want to schedule a special private tour for your school group/field trip or your child's birthday party? NYC Kids Tours can help!

If you have a school group or are planning a field trip, we're happy to offer our Kids Learning Tour complete with a guide just for you! While the public tour is $39 per child and $29 per adult, private school groups/field trips can take the tour for much less (as low as $19 per child and free for teachers/chaperones, depending on the number of children and adults in the group and whether or not you need us to provide your transportation!)

As for the activities, challenges and games that kids participate in on the tour, the lessons will be similar no matter what the child's age, however, the level of difficulty will vary with age. On our public tour we provide 3 levels of activity books ranging from kids ages 6 to 11. On a private tour, however, activities can focus on the specific age group.

Another fun thing that NYC Kids Tours can provide are Kids Birthday Party Learning Tours! These private party tours can be arranged for groups of children ages 6 to 11 (or younger by request) and can be set up for groups of 4 or more WITH a parent/guardian at least 21 years of age and a tour guide. We can also offer customization for these tours if you have special destinations in mind that you'd like to visit in Manhattan, although you will still visit some destinations from the public tour in order to participate in the activities, challenges and games for the kids. The pricing for the Kids Birthday Party Learning Tours vary with number of people and level of customization.

New York City's First Tour Company Created for Kids!

NYC Kids Tours is excited to announce their Kids Learning Tour! New York is an amazing city with so many tours to choose from, but while these tours may be informative for adults, they can be extremely boring for kids (especially kids under 12 years of age.) Most tours cover history and require a great deal of walking or, with the double-decker bus, can be much too passive to hold a child's attention.

NYC Kids Tours not only provides sightseeing for the whole family, but also stops at several exciting kid-friendly locations including the Museum of Natural History and FAO Schwartz. Each child on the tour will also be given an activity book with interactive lessons that cover different subjects ranging from math and science to foreign language and art. These lessons implement state learning standards which are crucial to a child's learning, but more importantly, motivate further exploration. We will spark your child's interest on this tour and even provide take-home activities that will contribute to future learning.

This tour will charm people of all ages and provide them with a great deal of knowledge, priceless memories and the amazing world of New York City. It's the perfect way for a family, (whether locals or tourists) to spend their day.