NYC Kids Tours

NYC Kids Tours
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun Fact of the Day: Why are New York Yellow Cabs yellow? Because John Hertz, the company's founder, read a study that concluded yellow was the easiest color for the eye to spot.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Tees Company - Excellent Tees for Kids with Excellent Taste!

TeesCompany, as the punch line states ’Excellent Tees for Kids with Excellent taste!’, TeesCompany delivers Tees with catchy striking designs, and absolutely fun stuff! Choose your own design and design color, create your own text and color it the way you want. Make it YOUR identity! You can customize your Tee but also pick one of the Tees that are fully designed by the Top Notch TeesCompany Design Team.

TeesCompany creates Tees designs for the young ones, aged 0 to 3. With an eye for good color combinations, figures and shapes, the designs are both attractive and fun for the kids as trendy and eye-catching. The collection is updated monthly with new designs.

In fall 2010 the collection will be extended with shirts up to the age of 10 years!

TeesCompany also designs great customizable Tees for the Holidays, Events and Birthdays. Success is guaranteed with the Mothers’ or Fathers’ day Tees. And the fully customizable shirts that you can give are WOW guaranteed!

Besides great Tees for your children, TeesCompany also provides a B2B ’Birth’ service. Is one of your employees expecting a baby? Wondering what you should give? Some nice flowers or a teddy bear? Please DON’T!

Together with the Tees Design Team you can create your original company’s birth Tee. A custom made Tee with the logo of your company, your own text, your colors and/or other design. Fully customized to your needs! And when another employee is pregnant, just send an email with the information and everything is taken care of, from production to delivery.

Another neat feature is the ’Tips of Tees’. Tips, trends and facts within the kids and lifestyle area are monitored closely and told in this section, a nice platform for product awareness and to reach your target group.

Currently the Tees are only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany but behind the scenes the IT dept. is working really hard on the international version. Nevertheless by with your request could open doors. Would you like to have your product in the ’Tips of Tees’ or perhaps you have suggestions, mail the information to 

For more information visit, mail or call +31(0)13 879 57 62